CH Cheeky Ladior SchH III, IPO I

The giant schnauzer breeding program began after Classic Giants was founded in 1992. The program began with the German imported bloodlines of two WSF Championship Team dogs:

CH Iro v. Sandokan SchH 3 IPO III
Int CH Atze v. Altenhof SchH 3 IPO III

and a very impressive dog from Czechoslovakia,
CH Cheeky Ladior SchH 3 IPO I


There are many anecdotes regarding animal breeding. How does one understand what works, how to read a pedigree, who to breed to whom, who is the ultimate judge, is the standard followed for the breed, is the breeder improving the breed with the offspring. All of these statements need to be combined to produce the better animal and be a successful breeder.

My personal experience of breeding Morgan horses and dogs for 40 years has always started with an excellent female line. A line of pedigree with proven generations of qualities one wants to continue in the breeding program. Combined with a male who also has a strong female line with the desired traits produces the best genetic possibilities for the breeder. Classic Giant Schnauzers follows this theory and the dogs are exceptional specimens of the breed, not only in phenotype (what you see – body structure, bone, coat, dark eye, large head, drive, confidence, excellent temperament) but also in genotype (what you don’t see – what the individual will in turn give to their off-spring). This breeding program is creating the highest quality of working Giant Schnauzers available in the United States.


To produce top quality working dogs with the best European bloodlines available today in the United States. Emphasis on correct structure, sound temperament, health, athletic ability and genetic diversity is important in the our giant schnauzer breeding program.
All breeding stock is OFA certified good or excellent as well as normal thyroid at breeding, Eyes are CERF clear. Health guarantee on all offspring.
The Working Reisenschnauzer Federation objectives are the standard for the Classic Giant Schnauzers breeding program.
The Giant Schnauzer Club of America Code of Ethics is strictly followed.

40 Years Experience In Purebred Canine And Equine Breeding, As Well As Excellent Bloodlines Are The Hallmark Of The Classic Giant Program.


Mary E. Falls

S 5560 Bluff Road

Baraboo, WI 53913

H. 608-356-6642


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